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August 23, Categories: A post shared by Garrett Clayton garrettclayton1 on Aug 20, at Garrett lost weight and he's not as thick as was a couple years ago, even when he shot the movie with Gregg.

What you do in your bedroom every day? He can probably fuck like nobody's business. The film premieres on April 16th. Bbw escort florida. Garrett clayton naked. Is Garrett more famous than Colton? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Which then makes me wonder - how large is his bulge that it needed to be biurred? That's exactly the point. I give him tips, R You're still gay honey. Garrett on Jessiean early TV appearance. At least he is willing to get up on screen and show himself, his entire body and for a time, become whatever Character the role requires him to be as an Actor.

I'm oddly glad he's closeted - sorry, I mean veiled - I have a feeling he's one of those gays like Chris Colfer and Tom Daley, who'd go around saying how sad he finds it that gay men are promiscuous and they should all just settle down and then have secret affairs, naturally. I want to stuff him full of doughnuts, and then fuck him silly!

But yes, it was very Boogie Nights-esque. How did Derek Hough do in Hairspray Live? Is he the new ZEfron? The whole routine is a goldmine of fabulous. Olivia munn sexy nude. It seems like he's been more open since King Cobra came out. Garrett's coming out video!!!!!! He would amazing if he bulked up with some muscle, like a Lebanese Muscle Kween.

At R, he's looking downright chubby! Well Garrett's contract dictated they could only have one ass shot of him, so makes sense they would save it for the ending shot with the Corrigan star tattoo. He seems to have fun with it, as a running joke. So great to see Jennifer Veal making a comeback after Flashdance oh so many years ago. Do you mean a backing dancer, r? Mary at R, everybody knows that Garrett was in Hairspray.

Not a great singer, but Miss Gurl can dance. Can we please stick to one thread? Top 10 Most Popular Posts: You know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night with a vivid dream? Gary beat out Colton for the Efron role in Hairspray Live.

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Go, gurl at R!!!

Garrett giving the cameraman his best 'fuck me daddy' look. Sleeping girl stripped naked. They keep these movies in the can for a long time.

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It almost doesn't seem real, because he's acting so strange. Click Here for a sample. R No one could mistake Garrett for straight. I wonder if Gary inherited that lump bubble butt from his father?

Aww, you would make Gary so happy. Yes, Garrett, you do. There are currently four active Garrett threads. Garrett clayton naked. Tell me the truth But King Cobra was a flawed though still enjoyable film, and Garrett's performance was in no way perfect.

At this point it's just to please DataLounge R He's actually quite fun in that clip. Old telugu actress nude images. I'm sure he'll put it off. March 29, Categories: Not so guilty pleasure chick flick? Get GIH news via Twitter. I would be balls in deep that phatty. Or do you think he sees a bunch of different girls?

It is funny that the ass shot was the climax of "King Cobra", the shot we've all been waiting for, the same way the dick shot was the climax of "Boogie Nights". Look at miss thang go. Girlfriend betta not even try it with bearding, he'll be laughed at till death He doesn't bother with bearding, he has refused to come out even though it is obvious from space.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. That is a nice round rump, all muscle at least for now. He looks about like every other twink on cam. Lesbian muscle tumblr. That is a tragedy. Long before Colton Haynes revealed he'd been in a LTR not his XY bfthe information was dropped on DL but the naysayers and their demands, precluded any further info from that particular poster.

Does it look like the crotch area of his underwear is blurred? Last pic today from my inlovemag cover shoot! Can Garrett do the splits with those beefy hairy legs?

Check out his perfect peachy butt right here on MrMan. October 13th, at 8: An all you can eat buffet in a room full of puppies that never have to go to the bathroom.

Garrett doesn't look right saying, "let's fuck! Poor boy, he's no Shawn Mendes. He looks perpetually orange. You say he's got a "phat azz". One of the greatest things about Dl is that there are plenty of threads that you can skip over with no effort at all. I'm sure there are better sites for septuagenarians like you to showcase your predatory activity. R, Brent is definitely not butch.

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Sometimes it's important to wake up and stop dreaming. He's going to make a great wisecracking eldergay, the life of the party, always ready with a cocktail and retaining more than a trace of his youthful bedroom eyes. REACH deals with some very serious and timely topics that have affected me personally, and have likely influenced many of your lives as well. Kristen archives cuckold. He's absolutely perfect in "King Cobra" -- and it's a pretty daring performance in this day and age Slater, Franco, the other guy, all of them really.

Gary needs his own "Debbie Reynolds" behind the show curtain. There are now two active Garrett threads on DL.

But what am I looking at? Gurl is wurkin' the bangs. Link is supposed to be in high school, not at his 10 year reunion. Pictures of clitores It was taken down, later, when I clicked on it. You say he's got a "phat azz". The little smirk when Slater says he checked his I. Garrett clayton naked. December 9, Categories:

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