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Despite my catholic school education, I was deflowered well before I was supposed to be.

March 9, at 9: Kalau inilah budaya hari ini maka sesiapa pun tidak akan terlepas daripada kekejaman pemfitnah-pemfitnah seperti ini. Big tit patrol 3. As a father, I am very concern about my girls choosing their friends. It is very unfair for you to step down when we Rakyat still wants you to hold the post and do what is right for the nation.

As such, the pics and video clips were obtained by these unscrupulous people and used to discredit her. The rakyat elected all these pr nincompoops not to further milking the rakyat but to put all these bn ninatang nasional political animals in jail ala Ah Bian of Taiwan you know?

Subscribe Kaki5 Subscribe with Reader Enter your email address: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She appears to be in a sleep at home. Elizabeth wong nude. Is she a victim of naked politics? She better own up otherwise this thing going to be very ugly. AzminAli so sorry to hear the sad news MB Azmin. JAG should, btw, also understand that this is the greatest threat among them all that are listed in another topic above this one.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry on the streets would be okay for her. No one is bringing this up during the trials or investigation!

Newer Post Older Post Home. Have heard that that greedy traitor Hee has resigned. Landing strip brazilian wax pictures. Yeah nothing has changed. You must set a courageous example by holding on to your post despite all this issue. As far I am concern this bum is sure a typical a hermaphrodite.

Are you being treaten or you r being bribe???? This supposedly good guy could have been planted to eavesdrop on her NGO activities as well as PKR politics and at the right time expose her. Do you love or support them less because of that? Later she became a political figure. There has been an outpouring of public sympathies for her, especially from women, including those from the other side of the political divide.

The pictures are believed to have been taken using a handphone, possibly before the general election last March. You may take naked photos at your home, but you must make sure that the public do not get to it.

February 26, at 5: PR is bursting at its seams because of infighting among its luminaries. Kopivosian… Mengapa ditegur orang berlari sedang kita cuma mampu untuk merangkak. Fair To All says: Thought your blog would be different.

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Only dirty politicians seem to survive.

We all can smell a rat considering the speed and manner the ex-MB calls for your resignation. Unfortunately all his data in the pen drive corruptedall This sort of person is not required in this country rather than saying to kick Karpal out of the country….!

Sudah 50 tahun kita ditipu oleh pemerintah. Bethany benz tits. February 17, at 8: Music Playlist at MixPod. Digital double standards — when are Facebook posts really criminal?

The government has denied a role in the scandals, including Wong's pictures. Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said said although it may be a personal issue, it was better for Wong to resign as exco and state assemblyperson as it would be difficult for her to discharge her duties henceforth. They spit, they lick.

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Eli, why succumb to these scums. Elizabeth wong nude. February 24, at Whether it is by Rela officers snapping pictures of women held in custody, or by hotel staff trying to make a quick buck, or by the people in our lives breaching an agreement of trust. They will only benefit if she "jumps" over. Tumblr enormous tits. Elizabeth Wong and Chua Soi Lek are normal human being.

You people unilaterally self-destruct. Somebody invaded her privacy in doing something that millions in the world, male and female, do; that is to sleep in the nude. I am personally disgusted with this kind of gutter politics" by the National Front, party chief Anwar told reporters. Follow me on Twitter! The woman in the pic could as well be me, or my mother or my grandmother. True, there are two standards of morality, one for the Muslims, and another set for the NonMuslims.

I wanna get 1, and modify it with attach boykit on it and sh Thats supid in Malaysia!!!!!! It is simple being moribund and beyond salvation.

February 17, at 4: I have further advance thought about her sex-saga and many other possibilities in my mind, but I leave it at that — for legal and professional reasons. February 17, at 7: But not in he pyjamas, lingerie or those sexy undies ladies wear to sleep. February 17, at 7: But not in FatwaLand. She is waiting to be raped…. She has to carry on and show that women will not submit to this kind of intimidation. Fat pussy girls com. This should draw more hits to my site… For an idea of what I am doing, see Google bomb and an example of using it in defense of someone Hannah Giles at here.

Offers to quit posts protect party' Anwar reject Wong's offer quit. A witness for Jehovah, but not a Jehovah's Witness. Losing her as an elected representative would be damaging to all Malaysians. We should all complain to her employer, Asia Sentinels saying she is biase and playing politics.

Resigning is showing her respect for voters and supporters. Elizabeth Wong resigned Tuesday after photographs of her sleeping naked were circulated to the public by cell phone, an embarrassing disclosure that she slammed as a plot to discredit her party. The compromising pictures showed Ms.

Shun all evil accusations and turn your back against them. Here is the easiest way to get rid of it, simple method but effective.

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Whoever who possess her photos should be prosecuted, as in the case of D. If you want legitimacy in your comment, stick to one nick lah.

I have broken no law and I stand by the fundamental principle in a democracy that everyone has a right to privacy. Funny x videos. Eli should also ignore people like Jed besides the broom man. Why should the rest of us be made to pay a price for her indiscretion?

Boogie is off the mark. The Sunni-Shia split and the answer to Muslim unity. Truth do review personality in such circumstances. Luanne from king of the hill naked They should count themselves lucky if they do not lose their deposit — what with the feverish sentiments against them presently.

She matures and we also weep with her. If Elizabeth has got some conscience and dignity left in her, send in the resignation letter now and let the bukit lanjan voters decide a new state representative. Elizabeth wong nude. You will be accused, and rightly so, of abandoning your comrade under enemy fire. Ewa sonnet naked videos. There are three factors of why we

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