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Should I start with Betty Ford at the top of my list? Until recently, she had never drank, did drugs, drank caffeinated beverages and strictly adhered to the major tenants of the Mormon faith.

This is such a messed up story. Hot nude big boobs girls. No more comments found. Lehnardt has recommitted herself to her faith and her family. The President Tweets My Tweets. Rachel lehnardt nude. Anyways I have no interest in speculating who is lying the entire story is batshit crazy lol. It was around this time that Mrs. Lehnardt was already intoxicated when they came over and there was obviously little parental control.

Why would the sponsor even say that to defend her or is the sponsor simply passing along what the mother told her? Acillatem Follow Forum Posts: She and her husband have five children together and have been married since While there, Lenhardt attends a special group at the congregation for those with sex addiction.

Anyone who's depending on the mormon church to help you through ANY serious addiction is delusional. Sorry, you can't reply to this topic. Fuck nude mom. A year-old mom is accused of masturbating in front of her daughter's friends after a game of naked Twister. Her father is a doctor and she has been a devoted member of the Mormon church for most of her life to include being a Sunday school teacher.

Here are some others The results are truly dramatic. The suspect also has lost custody of her five children, ages 4, 6, 8, 10, and To have such a person as a member in good standing could influence vulnerable members to drop their guards and become victims of predatory grooming. Hey ladies, you ain't supposed to be having coffee let alone sex with teenagers.

Locally where I live, there may be a general addiction recovery program in a ward or stake, but I doubt members with an active sex addiction would be allowed to remain members in good standing.

Is the boyfriend even in trouble? Lehnardt sponsor or facilitate a party for underage minors. Kurt Schlichter My Tweets. It has been closed. April 17, April 15, Lehnardt intends to fully cooperate with the legal system to accept complete responsibility for her conduct and to fully atone for her actions.

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Although, many of the allegations are exaggerated, she is extremely remorseful for what she allowed to occur in her presence and is obtaining professional and pastoral counseling to ensure that this conduct is never repeated.

Greg Gutfeld My Tweets. Ginger amateur nude. Jon Gabriel My Tweets. Bring back the main forum list. Her father is a doctor and she has been a devoted member of the Mormon church for most of her life to include being a Sunday school teacher. Trashy people doing trashy things? Edited 1 time s. The only way she will get in trouble if she is late in her tithing payouts CrimsonBrute Follow Forum Posts: Still laughing at the thought of her inviting her mormon sex addiction sponsor over for coffee to plan her so called recovery.

If she had sex with an 18yo it's not surprising she was still horny afterwards That was not just what the AA sponsor told us, but what was told to us was also corroborated by witnesses that were in the home. Lehnardt will not deny that the two of the older boys did smoke their own marijuana that they brought and did drink in her presence but much of the other allegations from the police report are clear exaggerations.

The report states the sponsor goes to the same church as Lehnardt. Lehnardt sponsor or facilitate a party for underage minors. Rachel lehnardt nude. Bbw big tits hd. Published Apr 15, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But sex with a 18 year old is legal.

Jen Gunter Wielding the lasso of truth. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Due to his anger and domestic violence issues, the parties separated in November with the mom keeping custody of the kids. Follow pundit from another planet on WordPress. Jankarcop Follow Forum Posts: Lehnardt has recommitted herself to her faith and her family. One story is from the paper the other is from the woman's lawyer. Also this the boyfriend in trouble for raping the mother or what?

Maybe you should have invited the bishop over too? Apparently, the 16 yr old boyfriend "raping" the mom was larger than average with his 10" member.

Police say she allowed her year-old daughter and the teen's friends to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. She is probably just saying this to avoid getting a sex with minor charge. You are commenting using your WordPress. Does anyone ever NEED to rape?

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The allegations were made by Lehnardt's Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, who contacted the Columbia County Sheriff's Office after meeting with the suspect to discuss her future plans for sobriety, AugustaCrime. Perky naked nipples. There are also quite a few who come to this board as well, but I'll honor their anonymity. In addition, the sponsor told investigators that Lehnardt participated in naked Twister with the teens, and showed them photos of herself having sex with her boyfriend. Please Log In to post.

This version of the story that you provided seems to favor the mother. It was during their first meeting that the suspect spoke about the crazy party. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email. According to the sheriff's report, Lehnardt allegedly went to bed alone, but awoke around 3: Team Twitchy My Tweets. She forced him off of her prior to him finishing the act.

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